Current NSSAB Recommendations [FY18]

Core Library Recommendation
11/8/17 - NSSAB Recommendation
3/12/18 - DOE Response

Approval of Community Analysis Plan Recommendation
1/17/18 - NSSAB Recommendation
2/7/18 - DOE Response

Path Forward for Closed Environmental Restoration Sites at the Tonopah Test Range Recommendation
1/17/18 - NSSAB Recommendation
3/14/18 - DOE Response

FY 2020 Baseline Prioritization Recommendation
3/14/18 - NSSAB Recommendation
3/21/18 - DOE Response

FY 2019 - FY2020 Membership Recommendation
5/16/18 - NSSAB Recommendation
5/24/18 - DOE Response

Radioactive Waste Acceptance Program Assessment Improvement Opportunities Recommendation
5/16/18 - NSSAB Recommendation
6/19/18 - DOE Response

Location of Monitoring Well at the Area 5 Radioactive Waste Management Complex Recommendation
5/16/18 - NSSAB Recommendation
6/25/18 - DOE Response

Community Analysis Recommendation
7/18/18 - NSSAB Recommendation

Community Analysis Report
Community Analysis Committee Plan and Schedule
Community Analysis Committee Survey and Combined Survey Results
Survey Results by Community or Community Area
Lessons Learned

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