JGMS Corporation Contract Modifications

The JGMS Corporation is the administrative support services contractor for the National Nuclear Security Administration Nevada Field Office. The contract valued at approximately $740,829 was awarded on November 29, 2011. The contract period of performance is January 25, 2012 through January 24, 2013.

Name: Date: Description:
pdf DE-DT0002733_Mod_012 5/30/2013 Contract Modification
pdf DE-DT0002733_Mod_011 4/16/2013 Limitation of Funds
pdf DE-DT0002733_Mod_010 2/28/2013 Limitation of Funds
pdf DE-DT0002733_Mod_009 1/18/2013 Term Extension
pdf DE-DT0002733_Mod_008 1/16/2013 Bilateral Agreement
pdf DE-DT0002733_Mod_007 12/17/2012 Limitation of Funds
pdf DE-DT0002733_Mod_006 9/24/2012 Limitation of Funds
pdf DE-DT0002733_Mod_005 8/31/2012 Limitation of Funds
pdf DE-DT0002733_Mod_004 5/28/2012 Bilateral Agreement
pdf DE-DT0002733_Mod_003 5/21/2012 Limitation of Funds
pdf DE-DT0002733_Mod_002 1/20/2012 Bilateral Agreement
pdf DE-DT0002733_Mod_001 11/29/2011 Obligation of Funds

JGMS Contract Information