Upcoming Public Events

The Nevada National Security Site hosts a variety of meetings and events that are open to the public. For more information on a posted public event, please contact theĀ Office of Public Affairs at (702) 295-3521.

Nevada Site Specific Advisory Board Public Meeting - Jan. 16, 2019

A public meeting hosted by the Nevada Site Specific Advisory Board (NSSAB) will begin at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019, at the Valley Conference Center, Valley Electric Association, 800 E. Highway 372, Pahrump, Nevada. Meeting topics include the onsite inspection of radioactive waste generator sites and the scheduling of audits that review the waste programs of generators shipping to the NNSS. An overview will also be given on the steps to become an NNSS generator and the follow-up conducted to ensure that all requirements are implemented.

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To learn more, call (702) 523-0894, or visit the NSSAB website at www.nnss.gov/nssab.