Operation Clean Desert

Dr. Proton

Operation Clean Desert is a set of activities following the adventures of Dr. Proton and Adam the Atom as they learn about the NNSS. The activities are geared toward teaching children about ongoing efforts to address environmental challenges, such as contaminated groundwater and radioactive waste disposal. The set of activities include an activity book, teacher’s guide, and an interactive computer game. Parents, educators, and community groups and programs can request free copies of the activity book and teacher’s guide by e-mailing Nevada@NNSA.doe.gov or calling (702) 295-3521.

Download our brochure for specific details on Operation Clean Desert.

The activity book follows the adventures of Adam the Atom, Doctor Proton, and their friends as they travel to the NNSS. Along the way, they share tons of interesting facts about the site, including its unique and important history and environmental cleanup activities.  The activity book includes illustrations mixed with actual Site photographs which present scientific information, an experiment, word puzzles, and an atom activity. A companion lesson plan is available for educators upon request. 

Download the entire Activity Book  or send a request for a hard copy to Nevada@NNSA.doe.gov.

Operation Clean Desert in the Classroom is a science module that uses characters, Dr. Proton and Adam the Atom, to educate students about environmental cleanup of contamination caused by the historic nuclear testing at the NNSS.

Students will use the scientific processes, protocols, and tools, including inquiry, to build understanding of structures, patterns, and relationships explained through the Operation Clean Desert Activity Book. Critical thinking, collaboration, accuracy, and communication skills will be emphasized as students refine their scientific literacy.

Download the Operation Clean Desert lesson plan, student activity book and worksheet, brochure, and videos for use in the classroom today:
pdf Teacher's Guide (Volume 1, Number 4 updated March 2013)
pdf Activity Book (Volume 1, Number 4)
pdf Student Assessment
pdf Operation Clean Desert Brochure
wmv Operation Doorstep and Operation Cue historic video on YouTube
wmv AF-SFP281 Target Nevada historic video or via YouTube
wmv Groundwater at the Nevada National Security Site video or via YouTube 

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