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NNSS COVID-19 Protocols

NNSS-controlled or -leased facilities currently are setting COVID-19 safety protocols for each location based on its county’s COVID-19 Community Level data reported weekly by the CDC.

Mask requirements may be reinstated if an NNSS facility’s county reports an increase to COVID-19 Community Level. NNSS hosts and sponsors will notify visitors of site access requirements based on current COVID-19 community levels for the county in which the NNSS-controlled or -leased facility is located.

COVID-19 Community Level

Mask Wearing







* Individuals exposed to COVID-19 must wear a mask, take other post-exposure precautions, and watch for symptoms for 10 full days after exposure when in the workplace. Individuals must test at least 5 full days (ideally, on day 6) after the last exposure. Individuals with probable or confirmed COVID-19 must isolate per CDC guidance.

Daily Symptom Screening

All visitors must perform a daily self-health screening prior to accessing any NNSS location. If visitors are experiencing any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or any other symptoms that are concerning, they are not permitted on site. If a visitor begins to experience any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or any other symptoms that are concerning while at an NNSS location, they must isolate from others, notify NNSS Occupational Medicine at 702-295-1473 or 911 if an emergency, and notify their sponsor or host.

Face Coverings

In locations where face coverings are currently required or if chosen to be worn, visitors must wear a multilayer cloth mask with a nose wire, a surgical mask or a well-fitting filtered (e.g., KF94, KN95, N95) mask when indoors while on NNSS-controlled or -leased property and in shared vehicles during times of substantial or high community transmission. Prior to wear and use of a KN95 or N95, please read the mandatory notice from OSHA.


Please review the NNSS COVID-19 Mitigation Measures for Protection of Workers Plan for additional information and guidance.

Those traveling must adhere to state and local travel restrictions. For more information, visit the CDC’s “Considerations for Travelers” page:

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