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Environmental Compliance and Occurrences

All Nevada Field Office activities are conducted in accordance with federal, state, and local laws, regulations and policies. These numerous environmental drivers govern how the Nevada Field Office protects the public and the environment during missions.

Compliance Status
The compliance status of these drivers is summarized in Chapter 2 of the most recently published  NNSS Environmental Report.

National Environmental Policy Act Information
The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and its implementing procedures require federal agencies to integrate environmental values into their decision-making process by considering the environmental impacts of their proposed actions and reasonable alternatives for implementing those actions. All work conducted at the NNSS must first be evaluated for compliance with the NEPA. Activities must be previously analyzed in an Environmental Impact Statement, Environmental Assessment, or in 10 CFR Part 1021 DOE NEPA Implementing Procedures.

Categorical Exclusions
Categorical exclusions are types of actions the DOE has determined do not individually or cumulatively have a significant effect on the environment. Therefore, these actions do not require an Environmental Impact Statement or an Environmental Assessment. Under DOE's 10 CFR Part 1021 DOE NEPA Implementing Procedures Subpart D, a proposed activity can be categorically excluded from further NEPA review if it falls within any of the classes of action analyzed and documented in 10 CFR Part 1021 DOE NEPA Implementing Procedures and determined will not significantly impact the environment.

Under an October 2, 2009, policy memorandum, each DOE Program and Field Office will document and post online all categorical exclusion determinations involving classes of actions listed in 10 CFR Part 1021 DOE NEPA Implementing Procedures Subpart D, Appendix B of the Department's NEPA implementing procedures. However, posted categorical exclusion determinations will not contain information exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, such as classified, trade secrets, or commercial or financial information.

Posting of Categorical Exclusions:
pdf NASA Astronaut Training - 1
pdf USAF North Las Vegas Facility Temporary Office Installation
pdf Mercury Shooting Range Lighting Upgrade
pdf Protective Force Training Complex
pdf Los Alamos Operations (LAO)
pdf Seismic and Remote Diagnostic Monitoring
pdf Military Data Collection Training
pdf Engagement Simulation System (ESS) Training
pdf Area 2 Office Trailer Disposal
pdf Construction of Indoor Firing Range
pdf Area 6 Device Assembly Facility (DAF) Geotechnical Investigation
pdf Weather Support for the NNSS
pdf Building 23-118 Certified Packaging Center (CPC)
pdf Demolition, Removal, and Disposal of Structures in Area 12 Camp
pdf Remote Sensing Laboratory San Diego
pdf Procurement of Protective Forces Services
pdf CTOS Eastern Region Administrative, Warehouse, and Training Office
pdf Nevada Desert Research Center (NV Desert FACE and Mojave Global Change Facilities)
pdf Demolition, Removal, and Disposal of 11 Structures in Area 12 Camp
pdf Desert Research Institute Frank Rogers Building
pdf Area 12 Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF)
pdf Mobile Test Bed Capability Project - Construction
pdf Nuclear Accident Dosimetry (NAD) Laboratory
pdf Offices and Unoccupied Buildings
pdf Demolition of 13 Buildings at CP Hill
pdf UXO Rocket Warhead
pdf NNSS Seismic and Remote Diagnostic Monitoring
pdf Mercury Cattle Guard Communications Mast
pdf Procurement of Helicopters for NNSA's Aerial Measuring System
pdf Building 06-914 Equipment Staging and Preparation
pdf Area 25 - Criminal Site Investigation
pdf Red Tailed Hawk Nest Relocation (Emergency Action)
pdf Offsite Seismic Monitoring Operations
pdf Special Technologies Laboratory (STL) Operations
pdf U1a Modernization Surface – Seismic Monitoring of U1a drilling activities (addition)
pdf New Mexico Operations-Los Alamos Office (LAO)
pdf Mercury Demolition of 23-475 through 23-484 and Associated Block
pdf U1a Modernization Surface – Seismic Monitoring of U1a drilling activities
pdf U1a Modernization – Surface
pdf Remote Sensing Laboratory – Andrews Operations (RSL-A)
pdf Installation of RWMC Monitoring Well UE5MW-4
pdf Ecological and Environmental Monitoring Field Activities
pdf Area 6 to U1a Water Supply Line Replacement – Potholing
pdf Mercury Modernization – Campus Development and Construction Activities
pdf NNSS AML 20K Rocket Launcher Retrieval
pdf DAG Series Airborne Operations
pdf Mercury Equipment Storage Structure (Building 23-424) Demolition
pdf SOC Protective Force Training Complex
pdf Exterior LIDAR Scanning of Tunnels or Other Existing Facilities
pdf CP Hill Waterline Replacement – Potholing
pdf Solar Photovoltaic Expansion Project
pdf Atlas Machine Disassembly
pdf Mercury Water & Sewer Utility Discovery
pdf Livermore Operations Site
pdf DAF-18 Full Scale Exercise
pdf Mercury Bowling Alley (Building 23-517) Demolition
pdf Engagement Simulation System (ESS) Training
pdf Mercury Asbestos Sampling
pdf Off-site Seismic Monitoring
pdf Mercury Power & Communications Infrastructure Consolidation and Upgrades
pdf SNL Seismic Monitoring
pdf Reactivation of Building 23-119, LOTO Training Facility
pdf Desert Research Institute Cultural Resource Management Program
pdf Creation of Turnaround Areas
pdf Telephone Pole Grading Project
pdf USAF NLVF Project
pdf USGS Vegetation, Small Mammal, and Reptile Studies
pdf Yucca Mountain Site Property Disposition
pdf Building 25-4014 Warehouse
pdf Remote Sensing Laboratory Helicopter Training
pdf Weather Support for the NNSS (ARL/SORD)
pdf Dense Plasma Focus Security Exercise
pdf Timber Mountain Weather Station
pdf Nevada National Security Site Zone 2 Maintenance
pdf Site Operations South
pdf Nevada National Security Site, Area 12 Camp Cafeteria Renovation
pdf WSI Training Facility