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Relevant Documents and Manuals

Public Health Emergency Response Guide for State, Local, and Tribal Public Health Directors

FRMAC Assessment
pdf FRMAC Assessment Manual, Volume 1 - Overview and Methods (July 2020)
pdf FRMAC Assessment Manual, Volume 2 - Pre-Assessed Default Scenarios (February 2010)

pdf CMHT Brochure

FRMAC Health and Safety
pdf Health and Safety Plan (2012)
pdf Health and Safety Manual (2012)
pdf Bioassay Sample Form (2011)
pdf ICS 204-FRMAC Team Assignment (2011)
pdf Initial Hazard Checklist (2011)
pdf Medical Monitoring of Entry Team (2011)
pdf Personnel Contamination Survey (2011)
pdf Personnel TLD Data Sheet (2011)
pdf Pocket Dosimeter Issue Log (2011)
pdf Pregnancy Declaration (2011)
pdf Radiation Survey Report (2011)

FRMAC Ingestion Pathway Exercise Support
pdf FRMAC Ingestion Pathway Exercise Planning Document (2016)

FRMAC Laboratory Analysis
 FRMAC Gamma Spectroscopist Knowledge Guide (Aug 2019)
pdf FRMAC Lab Analysis Manual (Dec 2013)
pdf FRMAC Fly Away Laboratory Manual (Oct 2019)
Word APPENDIX D_Creating Sample Record_SCFtoRAMS
Word APPENDIX D_RAMSV4 1-job-aid_ChangingSampleStatus(REV02)
Word APPENDIX D_RAMSV4 1-job-aid_CreatingNonConformanceReport(REV02)
Word APPENDIX D_RAMSV4 1-job-aid_SampleReceiving(REV02)
Word APPENDIX D_RAMSV4.1-job-aid_AnalysisRequestForms(ARFs)(REV01)
Word APPENDIX D_RAMSV4.1-job-aid_EventSetup(REV01)
Word APPENDIX D_RAMSV4.1-job-aid_ResultDataReview(REV01)
Word APPENDIX D_RAMSV4.1-job-aid_ResultUploading(REV01)
Word APPENDIX D_RAMSV4.1-job-aid_SitRepGenerationTips(REV01)

FRMAC Monitoring and Sampling

Monitoring and Sampling Manuals
pdf FRMAC Monitoring Manual Volume I Rev 3 (2019)
pdf FRMAC Monitoring Manual Volume II Rev 3 (2021)

Volume II Forms
excel Daily Instrument QC Checks
excel Field Monitoring Log
word ICS 204FRMAC
excel Local Area Monitoring (LAM) Dosimeters
excel Sample Control Form
excel Team Instrument Equipment Log

Volume II Operator Aids
Word Operator Aid FRMAC Air Sample Pump F and J Low Vol 2020-05
Word Operator Aid FRMAC Air Sample Pump Staplex High Vol 2020-05
Word Operator Aid FRMAC BZA - 2020
Word Operator Aid FRMAC Early Phase Ground Deposition Sample 2020-07
Word Operator Aid FRMAC Early Phase Vegetation Sample 2020-05
Word Operator Aid FRMAC Early Phase Water Sample (Tap) 2020-05
Word Operator Aid FRMAC Early Phase Water Sample 2020-05
Word Operator Aid FRMAC Generators 2020-05
Word Operator Aid FRMAC In Situ Gamma Spectroscopy Measurements 2020-10
Word Operator Aid FRMAC SpecFIDLER 2019-01
Word Operator Aid FRMAC Standard Soil Sample 2020-07

Current Training
ppt MS-50 - Module 1
ppt MS-50 - Module 2
ppt MS-50 - Module 3
ppt MS-50 - Module 4

ppt MS-100

ppt MS-200 - Module 1
ppt MS-200 - Module 2
ppt MS-200 - Module 3
ppt MS-200 - Module 4

ppt MS-260
ppt MS-300
ppt MS-400
ppt MS-410
ppt MS-420

Historical Training and Videos
pdf FRMAC Historical Training Video Disclaimers

2006 Videos
mpg 2006 - Air Sampling
mpg FMT Briefing
mpg Hotline Setup
mpg Sample Processing
mpg Soil Sampling
mpg 2006 - Water Sampling

2013 PowerPoints and Videos
ppt Module 1 Field Monitoring Instrumentation
ppt Module 2 Environmental Sample Collection
WMV 2013 - Air Sampling
WMV Alpha Monitoring (no audio)
WMV Beta Gamma Monitoring 1 (no audio)
WMV Beta Gamma Monitoring 2 (no audio)
WMV Beta Monitoring (no audio)
WMV Dispatch and Site Selection
WMV Intro to Instrumentation
WMV Predeployment
WMV Smear Sampling (no audio)
WMV Soil Sampling
WMV Vegetation Sampling
WMV 2013 - Water Sampling

2018 Videos
mp4 Air
mp4 Soil

FRMAC Operations
pdf FRMAC Operations Manual (2010)

FRMAC/EPA Post Emergency
pdf FRMAC Operations Manual (2010)