NNSS Media

The library section provides a central location for extensive information regarding the history and mission of the NNSS. These resources include fact sheets, historical and current videos, photos, and publications including environmental reports, historical documents, U.S. nuclear tests, and newsletters.  

All of these materials support the mission and vision of the NNSS.

Historical and Current Film/Video
The Nevada National Security Site offers a variety of historical and current films and videos for viewing. To access, go to the NNSS YouTube page at: www.youtube.com/user/NNSANevada.

The NNSS offers a variety of photographs for viewing. To access, go to the NNSS Flickr page at: www.flickr.com/photos/nnsanevada/albums.

These photographs include current programs such as Stockpile Stewardship, Global Security and Environmental Programs, as well as community outreach, NNSS tour highlights and other miscellaneous NNSS photos. 

Should these photos be used in any manner that requires a credit line, the wording should read:  
"Photo courtesy of National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Field Office."

In addition to the photos contained on the NNSS Flick page, the DOE Digital Photo Archive serves as a centralized resource for thousands of photographs that depict the Department's various programs. The DOE Digital Photo Archive is a resource made available to the DOE community as well as the general public for the purposes of enhancing communication, education, and ultimately the overall mission of the Department of Energy.